Hangzhou Safedoor Automation & Hardware Co Ltd

Company Profile HANGZHOU SAFEDOOR AUTOMATION & HARDWARE CO LTD Established in 2002, HANGZHOU SAFEDOOR AUTOMATION & HARDWARE CO.,LTD is the first & leading manufacturer making the interior swing door operator in China.

Hot Products

    • Boom Barrier Gate

      Boom Barrier Gate

      * Easy installation, spring balance debugging, superior quiet and stable operation
      * Self-lock on closure position
      * Manual release & operation on power cut
      * Opening & closing force adjustable (DC Motor)

    • Swing Door Operator Wind Resistant

      Swing Door Operator Wind Resistant

      Wind-resistant swing door operator, articulated arm or sliding arm and track, max doors width 1000mm/1200mm , 100kgs door weight, built-in control panel, with remote control RT18