Electromagnetic Wave Radar

Electromagnetic Wave Radar

The microwave sensor 2052.102 has a flexible antenna adjustment mode to ensure precise area sensing. This is a microwave sensor with fast response, high sensitivity and wide sensing area. It adopts German detection chip 24.125GHZ, so it is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and its working performance is extremely reliable, which provides effective guarantee for product stability.

Art.No. 2052.102


1. Germany  24.125GHz detecting module, immune to temperature, humidity.
2. X-Y axis antenna detecting angle and area adjustable
, make sure the precise detection.
3. Intelligent circuit board enhance the sensitivity and stability.

4. Bi-directional and single-directional modes both available. The single-directional mode only accept the signal from coming way, and shield the signal from leaving way.

Technical data



Transmitting frequency


Transmitting power

<20dbm EIRP

Transmitting frequency density

< 5mW/ cm ²

Install angle

15°, 30°, 45°, 60°

Install height (max)


Detecting area

(install height 2.2 meters)

4x2m (W x D)

Detection mode


The minimum detecting speed


Power voltage

12V-24V AC(+/-10%), 12V-30V DC

Power dissipation

<2W (VA)

The relay contact


Maximal contact voltage

42V AC-60V DC

Maximal contact current

1A(Electric resistance)

The maximum switching power

30W(DC) / 60VA(AC)

Output holding time

0.5 second

Ambient temperature


Protection rate

IP 54

Cable length


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