Gate Wireless Keypad

Gate Wireless Keypad

Features: *This is a dual channel transmitter that are activated only after having entered a Suitable combination. *The units are designed for installation in indoor or outdoor locations that ensures the utmost security because the transmitted code is changed at each transmission session. *The estimated transmission range is 200 m in open space and 35 m indoors *The units are designed to ensure battery life equivalent to an estimated 2 years of operation considering 10 transmissions/day



Consider that range may be up to 25 or 30% less when battery power is low.

Apart from the distance from the receiver, the units should not be positioned in the vicinity of or-worse still-in contact with metal structures, which could otherwise exert a signal shielding effect. Thanks to the enclosure protection rating of IP 54, the digital selectors can be installed outdoors if required.

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