Magnetic Lock For Auto-matic Door

Magnetic Lock For Auto-matic Door

Product application: This magnetic lock is adopt overall design concise, it is convenient to installation, can it can be adjusted for ontology install position, and it can be installed on automatic doors. Overall characteristics: ► Unique degaussing circuit design, make sure to eliminate the...

Magnetic Lock

Overall characteristics:

►Unique degaussing circuit design, make sure to eliminate the residual magnetism.

►Increased remote control four-gear switching function (all lock, one-way, all open, induction).

►Adsorbent plate fasteners not only up and down adjustable, but also the front and back can be adjusted, so it is convenient to installation, so as to fit with ontology.

Technical parameter:

Transmitter reception code mode:

Microwave self-learning

Lock body


Lock body bracket


Working current


Static power


Transmitting and receiving frequency


Suction piece


Suction piece bracket


Input voltage

AC/DC 12V (built-in 12V stabilized voltage power output)




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