Touchless Disabled Handwave Sensor

Touchless Disabled Handwave Sensor

This Touchless IR disabled handwave sensor adopts relay signal output and can be used in conjunction with automatic door access control and controllers. It can adjust the sensing distance by itself for different occasions, and the sensing is timely and convenient.

Touchless disabled handwave sensor  2021.513


1. The receiver has a wide voltage input design, 12 30V DC power input.The stainless steel metal panel design is equipped with a special bottom box, which is convenient for installation in various occasions.

2. The induction adopts infrared modulation and demodulation, which is not easy to be misjudged by interference.

Technical data:


Power supply

AC/DC 12-24V

Operating current

42mA (DC 12V)

Infrared modulation frequency


Response time


Output hold time



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