Touchless Disabled Handwave Switch

Touchless Disabled Handwave Switch

This Wirelesss touchless disabled handwave switch adopts relay signal output and can be used in conjunction with automatic door access control and controllers. It uses 2.4G wireless communication technology with good frequency consistency and high wireless transceiver stability.

Wirelesss touchless disabled handwave switch     2021.508



Contact-less sensing by hand or front of reflective objects, clean and sanitary.

The sensing distance is adjustable from 3-30cm, and can be adjusted by itself for different occasions.

The induction adopts infrared modulation and demodulation, which is not easy to be misjudged by interference.


Technical data:



Power supply

DC 12-30V

Quiescent current


Dynamic current

74mA (DC 12V power supply)

Main contact capacity

1A 24VDC


Power supply

3V (two 1.5V AA batteries)

Quiescent current


Battery life

220 days on average 300 times each time

Emission current


Infrared modulation frequency


Infrared scan interval time


Response time


Launch distance


Ambient temperature

-42℃~ 45C℃

Working humidity



121mm (L x51mm (W) x45.5mm (H) ( panel)

110mm (L x30mm (W) x 15mm (H) (wireless receiver)

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