Touchless Exclusive Room Switch

Touchless Exclusive Room Switch

It is mainly used in automatic door control switches of maternal and child rooms in airports, subway stations, stations, and large shopping malls. The internal and external panels are inductively triggered and have graphic and voice prompts.

Touchless exclusive room autodoor switch 2014.238M


1. Induction sensitivity is adjustable.

2. The large panel design, the internal and external panels have text light instructions, the panel clearly identifies the use of steps, so that users can know how to operate at a glance.

Technical data:



Input voltage

AC/DC 12-36V

Quiescent Current

125mA (DC12V When powered)

Operating current

165mA (DC12V When powered)


English, Chinese, Korean (customizable)


Relay dry contact

Closing delay

5s、15s、 15s、Manual

Panel size

282(L) X 108(W)x 4.5(H)mm

282(L) X 108(W)x 4.5(H)mm

Main controller size

145(L)x 57(W)X 38(H)mm


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