Wired Infrared Detector

Wired Infrared Detector

The wired infrared detector 2063.101 not only consumes a small amount of power, but also works reliably for a long time. And it won't be destroyed due to long hours of work. Its detection sensitivity and penetrating power are very high, and it is not easily interfered by various heat sources, light sources and radiation. The cost-effective features and beautiful appearance make it suitable for all kinds of small area automatic door control places such as shopping malls.

Art.No. 2063.101


1. Adopt the advancing background analysis technology, self-learn on power and memorize the background information

2. Can be used in corridor, passage or small area of stores, offices.

3. Motion and presence both functions can be available for auto doors

4. Self-adapt and self-compensatory against the circumstance change (vibration, deformation, darkness, sunlight)


Technical data:



Power voltage

12-24V AC/DC

Static Current


Dynamic current


Mounting way

Surface mounting

Install height (max)

2.60 m

Detecting area

(install height 2.6 meters)


Detection mode

Infrared scanning

Ambient temperature


Protection rate

IP 54

Cable length




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