Wireless Touchless Hand Sensor

Wireless Touchless Hand Sensor

This Wireless touchless hand sensor can be used in all non-contact control entrances and exits. It is easy to operate and eliminates the contact pollution of hands. It uses a capacitive sensor chip to detect the charge movement brought by the palm of the human body, and then judge the human hand sensing action to realize the button function.

Wireless touchless hand sensor    2053.505W



Strong anti-interference ability, effectively improving the problem of normal infrared hand sensor being interfered by strong light and interference from other infrared products.

The standard 86 type switch panel design is convenient for installation in various occasions.

The panel adopts laser engraving technology, with backlight display, fashionable and fashionable.

Technical data



Support function

Touch sensing and non-contact sensing

Stand-by current


Emission current


Battery life

An average of 200 inductions per day, 220 days

Working humidity


Ambient temperature


Transmit frequency


Power supply battery

2032 button battery 3V 2pcs

Wireless distance

Sight distance 38 meters

Sensing distance



86x86 mm


Stand-by current

30mA (DC12VPower supply)

Power supply


Operating current

74mA (DC 12VPower supply)

Relay contact

1A 24VDC

Contact holding time

1.5 seconds (jog)

Signal output



110mm (L) x30mm (W) x 15mm (H)

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