Automatic Barrier With CCTV Camera

Automatic Barrier With CCTV Camera

It is a high-tech mechatronics product that completely places the yard under computer management. It is a must for modern parking. Its communication distance is up to 10 kilometers, the bus concentration line can connect multiple parking lots and multiple access devices; due to the dual CPU technology, the system runs very fast. Its dual-network emergency plan security function can effectively prevent illegal opening or closing. In addition, its exterior blends with the surrounding architecture to give it an aesthetic.

Entry & Exit Control Mainframe Box

*Standard design matches with international industrial design, integrated function requirements and visual expression

*Material variable and color selectable enable the harmony with surrounding buildings and grant humanity

*The equipment is complete in function as automatic timing and charging, multimedia technology, voice pricing, English wording prompt, card reading and logic interlock of entry and exit, safe and reliable

technical parameters



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