Boom Barrier With Camera

Boom Barrier With Camera

Entry & Exit Control Mainframe Box *Standard design matches with international industrial design, integrated function requirements and visual expression *Material variable and color selectable enable the harmony with surrounding buildings and grant humanity *The equipment is complete in function as automatic timing and charging, multimedia technology, voice pricing, English wording prompt, card reading and logic interlock of entry and exit, safe and reliable


*Long communication distance: up to10km

*Capacity expansion function: single CAN (Controller Area Net) bus concentration line can connect 30 parking lots & 60 equipments of entry and exit

*Double CPU technology: efficient, stable and relibale

*Double NET contingency plan safe function: computer net and CAN net work simultaneously, which prevents opening/closing the barrier illegally

*Automatic transfer between off-line and on-line work: when computer or network failure occurs, the system will transfer to off-line work mode automatically, and will reload the off-line records from the control board to the computer when computer or network returns to normal

 technical parameters



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