Automatic Boom Gate

Automatic Boom Gate

* Easy installation, spring balance debugging, superior quiet and stable operation
* Self-lock on closure position
* Manual release & operation on power cut
* Opening & closing force adjustable (DC Motor)

This Boom Barrier helps to manage the vehicles to enter and exit the parking lot in an orderly manner. It is widely used in highway toll stations and parking lots, the entrance of the community, enterprises and institutions to manage the access of vehicles. At present, our gates have been increasingly developed to high-tech to adapt to the market demand for products.


Art. 1031.103

* Easy installation, superior quiet and stable operation

* Frequency conversion control, adjustable 1s-6s opening speed, suitable for parking places with large traffic volume

* Photoelectric limit switch, high precision, long service life, easy debugging

* Manual release & operation on power cut

* Multi-connection available by remote control, button switch, safety beam sensor, loop detector, battery backup, air pressure manometer, night-view safe light, road toll system etc.

* Self-protection against over-heat, over-voltage, over-use

* Working as usual in the extremely cold air

Technical parameter:



Motor power

220VAC±10%, 50-60Hz

Input voltage (VAC, 50/60Hz)


Opening/closing time(s)


Straight arm (max)(m)


Folding arm (max)(m)


Fence (max)(m)


Remote distance (m)


Protection (IP)


Ambient temperature (℃)



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