Long Life Motor Gear for Barrier Gate

1. Time protection function.
2. "Close" command memory function available.
3. Remote control interface, Remote control emitter can be equipped.
4. Three operation modes: Remote control,push button,manually operation.
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Product Details

    The boom gate is an indispensable part of the parking lot system. It helps to manage the vehicles to enter and exit the parking lot in an orderly manner. It is a channel entrance and exit management equipment specially used to restrict motor vehicles on the road. It is widely used in highway toll stations and parking lots. The entrance of the community, enterprises and institutions to manage the access of vehicles. The boom gate is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot and is an electromechanical integration product. At present, our gates have been increasingly developed to high-tech to adapt to the market demand for products.


1. Manual button can be used for "rising", "down" and "stop" operations

2. Wireless remote control can be used for "rising", "down" and "stop" or operation of manual button

3. After the power failure, you can shake the lever

4. Integrated movement structure, adapting to compression spring and tension spring to adjust the length of the rod

5. Support external and core sense detection

6. Easy to change the brake head

7. With a beautiful appearance color matching, electrostatic dust high temperature paint (180 degrees ~ 250 degrees) does not fade