Boom Barrier with CCTV Camera

Boom Barrier with CCTV Camera

*Transmit data at reliable high speed: communication distance can reach 10km
*Capacity expansion function: single CAN (Controller Area Net) bus concentration line can connect 30 parking lots & 60 equipments of entry and exit
*Double CPU technology: makes system stable, and operation faster
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1. One car and one pole, the car passes the automatic drop bar, and the gate brake lever will automatically start when the vehicle is forced to pass through the gate

The pole gives priority to protect the vehicle to achieve protection....

2. Automatic card retrieval: no car does not get out of the card, the card is automatically read, the card can be automatically recycled.

3. LED display: display welcome to XXXX community, Chinese time, date, display charge amount, community

 Internal information tips, such as: wish the community residents happy new year, all the best, etc.

4. License plate comparison: the vehicle enters and exits the license plate and captures the appearance of the automatic capture, and the appearance is automatically transferred into the scene to capture the image.

Perform manual comparison to prevent car loss.

5. Card reading distance: 60-100CM, solve the problem of inconvenient card swiping in bad weather, improve the efficiency of vehicle access!

6. Voice prompt: prompt welcome, parking XX hours XX minutes XX seconds, charge XX yuan, I wish you a good trip!

7. Intercom function, used for unattended entrances and exits, vehicle owners and management offices, security guards on duty rooms, asking for help,

Save human resources!

8. Scope of application: large, medium and small garden community, underground garage, shopping mall, hospital, station, sports

Heart and entertainment venues.