Loop Detector

Loop Detector

Mainly used in systems such as parking lots, toll stations, traffic speed detection, traffic light control etc , and vehicle detection , counting , vehicle driving direction identification etc .

Loop Detector Series 

Art.No 1031.BM01



1. Adopts the mode of loop buried under ground to detect vehicles.

2. High temperature stability .

3. Environment drifting automatic compensating .

4. Multi-level lightning protection .

5. Loop malfunction automatic testing function .

6. With multi-level sensitivity and adjustable .

7.Different frequencies to avoid mutual interference .

8. Multi-relay output or RS485 output.

9. Functions of anti-bumping and automatic closing gate .

10. Snapshotting when running the red light .

11. Vehicle driving direction identifying and speed detection.




Operating Voltage

220V AC, 110V AC, 24V DC /AC,12V DC /AC(Optional)

Rated Power


Output Mode

relay output

Operating Temperature

-30  to +70℃

Storage Temperature

-40  to +80

Operating Frequency

20KHz to 170KHz

Reaction Time

10 ms (Fastest)

Loop Inductance

50uH to 1000uH (ldeal 100uH to 300uH)

Length of the connecting wire

max 100 meters,twisted at least 20 times per meter

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