Access Protective Booth

Access Protective Booth

Mode of operation: The doors are always locked shut in the rest position. An authorized signal opens the first door allowing the user to step into the booth where a presence is detected via means of checking weight increase on the floor, side panels and doors. The first door then closes and the second door opens, thus allowing the user to pass through.

Driven by motor, the security booth 1071.202 offers the highest level of access control with presence, passage and weight detection as standard. It is also suitable for wheelchair security access.Users include head offices, banking, computer suites, telecommunications, R&D, etc.

Prevention of multi person entry: Electronic weight sensing determines if more than one person is present within the booth. The booth is set with a predetemined, but adjustable anti hostage threshold (upper and lower weight limit) of 120KG as standard. As an authorised user stands in the booth, it confirms acceptance of the occupant and authorises the door to close. Should the measured weight not be authorised, i.e. more than one person present or over weight non-permitted additional baggage, a vocal synthesiser will ask the occupants to leave the booth. Once the occupants have vacated the booth the door will close and the system will automatically reset.

Standard upper and lower weight weight limits range from between 1-140kg.

For heavy requirements a maximum setting of 160KG is also available.

Any object left inside the booth will be detected during the reset sequence. An alarm will be activated and the object will hava to be removed by manually opening the secure side door .250grms min.


* Solid mental frame and thickend glass, the door is durable with high security.

* In the event of emergency, a signal can be sent to the booth controller to command either, the secure, non-secure or both doors to open.

* In the event of a power failure, isolation or after the battery back op has been depleted, the outer, un-secure door will be un-locked and can be manually pushed open. The inner, secure door can be manually opened by rotating a knob located behind the lockable service panel in the top mechanism section of the booth

* Interface: The booth is controlled via a microprocessor activated by 0V cantacts provided by a combination of either, card reader, push button or radar device. As standard the following features are available;

  1. Eight inputs

  2. Eight 0V programmable outputs of which three are used for entry, exit and passage confirmations

  3. Two remote consoles

  4. Alarm contact for telephone

  5. One serial port for RS232

Note: The interface program can be customized, therefore it is important to confirm all interface requirements when placing an order.



Technical parameters:




Walkway functions as both Entry and Exit


40*10*3mm RHS mild steel


Lite: 13mm Laminate Safety Glass

Bullet Proof: 27mm Laminate Safety Glass

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