Automatic Collapsible Door , Stainless Steel

Automatic Collapsible Door , Stainless Steel

AUTOMATIC EXTENSION DOOR The automatic extension door is handed over by the principle of parallelogram, which is flexible. It features the best propulsion design and infrared anti-collision function, and has a manual clutch that can be manually opened and closed during a power outage. The automatic extension door is a telescopic shed type, which has the characteristics of stable opening and closing, seeing the door body, and occupying a small space after opening.


*Aluminum/Stainless/Metal powder coating
*The best advancing design
*Electrophoresis process, colors bright, strong adhesion, non-fading, anti-oxidation
*Manual release on power stop
*Electronic buffering and infrared anti-collision function
*Each door is designed to customer's requirements
Technical parameter:

Input voltage(VAC, Hz)150~260, 50
Motor rotation(rpm)1400
Output rotation(rpm)46.6
Output Torque(N.m)100
Starting current(A)≤3.5
Door height (m)1.6
Door width (m)0.6
Ambient temperature(ºC)-20~+55  

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