Automatic Swing Window Opener

Automatic Swing Window Opener

The automatic swing window opener 2011.104 gives people a different experience because of its fast speed and beautiful appearance.It is very safe because of its test up to tens of thousands of times,so you can buy it with confidence.
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Product Details

Automatic swing window opener  2011.104


Appearance is beautiful and easy, don't affect the architectural esthetics ofexisting Windows.

The stroke can be adjusted by itself, with the maximum opening of 90 degrees.

All accessories are made of 304 stainless steel.

Tested by half millions of opening and closing cycles.

Suitable for inward- swing window, outer-swing window, hanging window and small size door.


Automatic swing window opener

Technical parameter

Pushing/Pulling forceN


Max load (kg)


Temperature environment


Opening speed

3-6s (90 degree)

Maximum operating currentA


Levels of protectionIP