Bridge Style Flap Barrier Gate

Bridge Style Flap Barrier Gate

It can work with door access control system/ consumption system /biometric recognition system, and have Infrared induction for free passage enter or exit. It has some extend functions, such as LED counting function and voice prompt function. In addition, you can manager and long-range control the turnstile directly via computer.

Bridge style flap barrier gate

Art.No 1033.305B


1.When out of power , the turnstile open automatically without storage battery.
2.Turnstile working condition is adjustable by setting the button on main control board.
3.The turnstile use secondly mechanism with mute patent and PU soft barrier model.
4.Turnstile infrared induction for restoration and anti-pinch.
5.Secondly opening function: When somebody enter the gate illegal, tailgating or break into negative direction

gate, the gate will closed automatically , after pedestrian out of the passage, the ga tes will open again.

6. The turnstile will lock the gate automatically when somebody enter the gate illegal, Tailgating or break into negative direction gate.

7.Ant-collision avoidance function: Before received the open signal, the turnstile will lock automatically.
8. Automatic Reset Functions: after you swap the card, during the specific time (the system default ls 10s), System will reset in 1-80sWhen powered off, turnstile will open automatically powered on turnstile will close automatically.
9. Turnstile infrared induction for restoration and anti-pinch.
10.Swing turnstile with standard fire alarm input interface, when received the fire alarm signal, turnstile gate will open automatically without any condition.

Extend functions
1.Nonstandard Program customized
2.LED Counting function.
3.Infrared logical judgment function (7 pairs or9 pairs)
4.Flap barrier color can choose.
5.Voice Prompt Function
6.Normally open or closed can be adjust to meet the requirements of the different place.

7.Can add constant temperature during the low temperature place.

Technical data:






Passage mechanism



Working voltage

AC220V+-10% 50HZ

Driving motor

220V AC servo motor

Normal running life

>50 million

Infrared sensor

5-11 pair

Opening or closing time

0.5s (it is adjustable)

Speed for passing

25-30 people/min

Standard size

L1600*W250-300*H1020 (mm)

Housing material

304 stainless steel

Flap arm material


Flap width

250 mm

Input interface

Dry contact signal+12V level signal or pulse width>=100ms or 12V pulse, drive current>=10mA, it is support 485 communication.

Working environment

Indoor/outdoor (with a tent over)-10℃~70℃, Relative humidity:<90% coagulation free

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