Concealed Swing Door Opener

Concealed Swing Door Opener

The Art.1024.101 is designed for swing gate weighs Max.500kgs per leaf. It installed completely in the ground, with only a piece of stainless steel exposed. Thus, it is suitable for doors that emphasizes aesthetics on account of its concealed installation.


*Efficient AC/DC motor, steadily opens heavy gate weighing no more than 500kgs per door leaf

*In line with European standard design, good quality with ecnomic cost

*Installed completelt in the ground, with only a piece of stainless steel exposed, will not change the apperance of your door

*Anti-extrusion protection, anti-corrosion and waterproof material, ensures normal operation

*The gate can be opened and closed manually by release key In emergency

*Easy to install and low maintain

*When in need of repair, users can open the stainless-steel plate to fix the motor without removing the door

Technical parameters:


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