Heavy Duty Automatic Swing Door Operator

Heavy Duty Automatic Swing Door Operator

1093.1833 is durable, stylish, silent and low maintenance. This heavy-duty swing door unit is an upgraded version of 1093.1830. In order to provide customers with a better experience, our R&D personnel are constantly striving to innovate. Almost any manual door can be transformed into an automatic swing door by using this operator. The drive unit has low noise, reliable performance and safe use, which provides more convenience for living and working environments.

Swing Auto-Door can be opened and closed automatically in any ordinary doors, it is widely used in offices, hospitals, commercial and industrial environments, simple and effective. 


* Driving devices works with low noise,reliable performance,safety and brings living and working environment more convenience.

* In case of meeting obstacles or personnel during operation,the door will be opened to reverse direction.

* Intelligent design,easy to install and adjust

* 2 millions times of tests passed, long service life

* Innovation in mechanical design offers fast and effective installation.

* With sensors,access control,safety beam protection interfaces,configurate electric lock,power output interface.
* Wireless remote open mode is optional.When necessary,please to configurate backup power for security requirements.

With the technology of encoder,brushless motor,and worms and gears,ultra-quiet operation is achieved.

* Newly upgraded controller, with multiple function interfaces such as debugging handle, dual door synchronization, sensor, access control, fire alarm, safety beam, etc.

* It can be matched with manual remote control,sensors,buttons,and door controls,etc.


Technical parameters:

Power   voltage

AC220V   ±10%,   50/60 Hz

Consumption   power

100W   (MAX)

Anti-extrusion   device


Shaft   opening angle


Opening   time

3~7   sec (adjustable)

Closing   time

3~7   sec (adjustable)

Hold-opening   time

0.5~30   sec (adjustable)

Driving   arm

Pull   arm / push arm

Working   temperature


Relative   humidity










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