Household Automatic Sliding Door Operator

Household Automatic Sliding Door Operator

Household sliding door operator The 1072.103 is an ideal door operator for existing household sliding door or window, which has got the carriage wheels on the door bottom profile. No need special design, this door operator can be installed very easily on the surface of door/window frame, and...

Residential sliding door operator

To make your household sliding doors or closets opened automatically, 1072.103 is needed. Slight and silent, it is very suitable for bedroom, restroom, study etc. Easy installation, free maintenance, cost-saving and energy-saving, this model is the best choice for you.


Art. 1072.103

1072.103 household sliding door operator 2


* Easy to install and use, no need to change the existing door/ window structure

* Small and exquisite, modular and elegant design

* Material: aluminium alloy,steel

* Window mode and door mode

*433.92Mhz module, can be suit with smart-home

A variety of open options (Optional accessory)
1. Wireless switch with infrared and capacitance technology. Door opens when users wave hands in front of the touchless sensor.
2. Infrared radar. When users approach the door, they will be detected by radar and door will open automatically.
3. Keyboard remote switch (wired / wireless). A perfect combination of refined appearance and easy operation.
4. Wireless handheld remote control. Compact designed controller with long distance capability.
5. Wireless weight sensing mat. Stepping on mat lightly the door will open automatically.
6. Pet sensor. When pets are detected by this sensor, door will open partially.


Technical parameters:

Door weight (single)


Door weight (double)


Door leaf width

Max. 1.2m

Opening speed

100~410mm/s (adjustable)

Closing speed

120~220mm/s (adjustable)

Motor details

224V 40W 3000rpm

Holding time




Operating temperature


Track length

2.2m, 3m (optional)

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