Multi-leaf Automatic Folding Door

Multi-leaf Automatic Folding Door

The multi-leaf automatic folding door, 1076.203 not only provides you with a large passage, but also allows you to o experience the perfect integration of smart technology and precision manufacturing, while adding a sense of fashion to the building. It can realize the maximum use of space, especially suitable for large stadiums, conference centers, fire exits, parking garages, banquet halls, exhibition halls, small warehouses and other large buildings.

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* High-quality AC motor, long service life, ensure more than 2 million times of operation. The motor has low interference radiation to other equipment during use, low running noise, quiet and stable, maintenance-free.

* Completed by an advanced microcomputer controller to meet the diverse needs of users.

* A variety of switch door functions: remote control, infrared, wall switch, access control, fire linkage. Fully open, half open, infrared anti-pinch, anti-collision, emergency stop, power-off protection and other security measures.

* The door body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, combined with unique frame technology to ensure that the door leaf can run normally for 1 million times without deformation or sagging. Materials are diversified to meet the various needs of customers: profile spraying, glass door body, stainless steel wrapping, copper wrapping, wood, color steel, etc.

* Ground rails are made of aluminum alloy profiles or stainless-steel customized rails, which are laid flat with the ground without affecting pedestrians and vehicles

Technical parameters:

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