Safedoor Sliding Door Operator

Safedoor Sliding Door Operator

The Art.No 1071.111 is equipped with an automatic reverse function. During the closing of the door, when an obstacle or person appears, the door will automatically move in the opposite direction to prevent touching or pinching. The easy circuit connection method brings great convenience to your installation.

Art.No 1071.111

Sliding door operator



1. Its full-featured, convenient automatic sliding door technology embodies the  perfect combination of safety and precision.

2. The main controller adopts an all-digital intelligent computer control system, which is convenient to adjust and stable in parameters.

3. It uses two-chip coordination work, built-in automatic calibration algorithm and protection program to make the door work more stable and reliable. 

4. The controller adopts the dynamic speed regulation method, and the starting and braking are smoothly adjusted, which prolongs the service life of the motor and the belt.

5. Multi-function combination control, wide range of parameters, to meet the requirements of different users.

6. User-friendly human-computer interface. The input is controlled by the touch key and can be set with a single touch of a finger. The output uses a digital tube to display the number, which is easy to understand. Easy and accurate debugging.

7. Built-in auxiliary protection and automatic repair function can be used as reference data for operation and maintenance.

8. 5-sections half-open design. Fully meet the needs of users for space applications.

9. The motor uses the turbine vortex technology to significantly reduce the motor running noise and greatly improve the driving torque and transmission efficiency.

10. With the latest design of DC motor, it has its own lock function. The access control effect can be achieved without additional machinery.

11. A large number of ports for debugging and parameter settings are reserved. Easy to upgrade.

Technical data


Door type



Door weight(max)(kg)



Door amplitude


DW = 800- 1300mm

Door width


W= 2300-4200mm

Closing speed(mm/sec)


Opening speed(mm/sec)


Hold open time (s)

0.1~ 49.5

Power supply

AC 170- 264V-+10% 50/60HZ


Dual chip microcomputer processing controller



Ambient temperature(℃ )



30%~85%RH (No condensation)


外贸快车宣传图 11外贸快车宣传图 22

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