Shop Garage Door Openers

Shop Garage Door Openers

*Automatic open softly, quiet and stable operation
*Automatic closure function setting available
*Self-lock in closure position
*Manual release in case of power failure

    As a powerful sectional garage door opener, it is quiet and stable when operating. Automatic closure function, self-lock function and manual release in case of power failure making it easy for you to use.


  • The remote control can learn the code, single button cycle operation, the door closing state button is self-locking, and the remote control distance is between 25~35M.

  • Flexible opening and closing operation mode

  •  With automatic power detection

  • About the door resistance rebound function, open the door to stop the protection project, the door opener strength can be adjusted

  • Electronic travel limit, accurate and reliable, easy to adjust, the limit can be automatically remembered, and the power failure will not run when running.

  • There is power failure self-locking function

  • With automatic lighting

  • There is automatic closing function

  • Reserved with manual switch and infrared protection interface



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