Sliding Door Operator: Three Wheel Hangers

Sliding Door Operator: Three Wheel Hangers

1071.103A, strongest system, with 3 wheels hangers, work very stable and powerfully. It creates easy hands-free access and is convenient for you to install and debug it.


* Powerful round motor, heavy duty capacity for 2*200kgs doors

* Reseanable design, low noise when opening and closing, stable operation

* High speed and high torque, suitable for frequent use without over-heating

* 5 status are available: permanent open/ lock/ partial open/ exit only/ auto, adjust it by remote control or 5 position key switch.

* High-performance power input can realize automatic regulation. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection ensure the security.

* Longer lifetime, more than 2 million failure-free tests.

* Easy installation and maintenance free, best choice for heavy-duty door.

* Superior safety care, reverse immediately against obstruction on door’s closing, and stop encountering obstacles on door’s opening.


Technical parameters:

Door weight (single)


Door weight (double)


Door leaf width


Opening speed

100~550mm/s (adjustable)

Closing speed

100~550mm/s (adjustable)

Motor details

24V 100W 2300rpm

Holding time

0~60s (adjustable)


AC90V~240V 50~60Hz

Operating temperature




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