Sliding Gate Opener- Fashion Appearance

Sliding Gate Opener- Fashion Appearance

1043.113 is a sliding gate opener that suitable for all gates with a weight of max. 600 kg and a width of up to 12 m. It works with a rail that is driven by a gear. Easy installation and operation make it really convenient for you. Only with a remote control or a wall button can you open the gate.



* Unique appearance, simple and stable operation, high security

* Manual open by release key in case of power failure

* Reverse against obstruction, ensure the safety for vehicles and pedestrian.

* Self-lock at setting time in closure position.

* Multi-connection to the pushbutton, access control, alarm lamp, photocell, loop detector etc.

* Storage battery or solar panel as backup power supply for DC motor. (Optional)

* Pedestrian mode, convenient access and low energy consumption

Technical parameters:



Power supply


Remote control distance


Max door weight


Motor power


Output torque

16 N·m

Limit mode

Magnet or spring

Remote mode

Standard three-button mode



Working temperature


Opening speed



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