Sliding-plug Door System

Sliding-plug Door System

The sliding-plug door system 1071.101S-P mainly has two actions of plugging and pulling, that is, when closing, the door will be plugged into the entry area from indoor or outdoor; when opening, the door will slide along the track inside or outside after moving away by a certain distance.



* Double curved rail structure effectively avoids the damage and instability risk caused by the cantilever structure, and ensure the stability of the large load-bearing door body.

* The overall structure is similar to the traditional sliding door structure, and can be used in the common sliding door operator system. More flexible and easier to install and maintain.

* Guarantees good water tightness and air tightness. Has good adaptability to cold areas and typhoon-prone areas.

* Widely used in theaters, entrances and exits, conference rooms, etc.


Technical Parameters:

Passage width

700 – 1500mm

Passage height

2400mm; 3000mm; 3600mm;

Opening method

Single / Bi-parting

Door weight

120KG;150KG; 250KG

Door material

Aluminum alloy door, stainless steel door, partition door, decorative door

Opening speed

100 – 500mm/s

Closing speed

100 – 400mm/s

Hold-opening time


Closing power


Door thickness


Plugging depth



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