Economic Swing Door Operator

Economic Swing Door Operator

* Economic brushless motor, and easy gears, cost-effective
* Running parameters can be easily adjusted by the built-in control panel
* Easy installation, articulated arm, sliding arm & track both available, can be mounted on hinge side and opposite hinge side

1. This product is the most complete automatic swing door machine on the market.

2. The world's leading servo control technology, continuous operation at high frequency, performance is still stable

3. Accelerate evenly when opening the door, and evenly decelerate when closing the door. The buffer function makes the door body run fast and stable.

4. It has the function of fire alarm and burglary and police to meet the requirements of fire prevention, anti-theft and escape route.

5. Support access control system (password, fingerprint, building intercom, bank card reader, unit magnetic card machine, card reader, etc.), there is induction system (microwave, infrared, eye, foot sensor switch, wall switch, ground sense ) such as remote control or remote monitoring system

6. Higher end of the application, such as medical laboratories, pharmaceutical rooms, villas, high-end properties, etc.

7. Digital adjustment parameters, outstanding wind resistance;

   When the wind is upwind, the actual running speed is lower than the preset speed, and the motor automatically applies force to maintain the preset speed, so that the normal opening and closing of the door

   When the wind is down, the actual running speed is higher than the preset speed, the motor automatically reverses, and cooperates with the buffer function to prevent the door knocking phenomenon.

8. Encounter obstacle protection function, while the security is greatly improved, the user experience is also higher, there are four modes:

(1)Standard mode, stop 3 seconds after opening the door and then open the door. When closing the door, it will open the door.

(2)Stop mode, when the obstacle is encountered, regardless of the switch door, stop running for 3 seconds, then continue to open and close the door

(3)Avoid mode, when the obstacle occurs, the door machine avoids 30o in the opposite direction

(4)Intelligent mode, when the obstacle is encountered, the door always runs in the direction of your door

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