In-ground Swing Door Opener

* Fast opening, 4 seconds from 0-90 degree, no waste of time
* Heavy load capacity, concealed mounted in ground, beautify the building’s entrance
* Motor weather-proof, separate control box, free maintenance
* Push & go function allow pedestrian to push/collide the door roughly, no damage, no malfunction
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Product Details

1. The microcomputer controller uses cutting-edge technology to quickly and accurately detect the condition of the door (size, weight), set operating parameters, and maintain the running state.

2. It adopts DC non-motor, the torque is large, the life is long, the efficiency is high, and the motor is equipped with electromagnetic suction lock. When the brake is stopped, the locking force can reach 100%.

3. The reduction gear box adopts the worm wheel rod and the helical gear transmission, and the transmission is stable, achieving ultra-quiet operation.

4. With remote control points, it is convenient to switch between normal use and special use.

5. Easy to install, buried in the ground, two-way regression, one-way regression, the zero position can be adjusted to the same in-situ point by the control system.