Swing Door Operator Wind Resistant

Wind-resistant swing door operator, articulated arm or sliding arm and track, max doors width 1000mm/1200mm , 100kgs door weight, built-in control panel, with remote control RT18
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Product Details


  • Extensive: Suitable for office buildings, storefronts,banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers,laboratories,hospitals, etc., to facilitate the walking of people and the smooth flow of goods.

  • Reliability: The microcomputer controller uses technology to detect the condition of the door (size, weight), set the operating parameters, keep the door in good running state,and have memory, correction function and intelligent function.With the use of remote control, it can reach the entry and exit of current staff, which can eliminate the safety ofunmanned door locks.

  • Safety: When the door leaf is in the process of closing the door, if an abnormal situation such as an obstacleor a human body is encountered, the door leaf can be immediately reversed and returned to prevent the pinch event or the machine from being damaged, so that the personnel can enter and exit safely.

  • Energy-saving: Careful design and production ensure smooth flow. At the same time, sound insulation, insulation and dustproof effect can reduce energy consumption in buildings.

  • Optional accessories:


Technical parameter:

  • Door width(max):1000m

  • Door weight(max):100kg

  • Power required:110/220,50/60VAC

  • Shaft opening angle:45~150ยบ

  • Opening/close time:3~8s

  • Hold-open time:0~30s