Ground Roller Swing Gate Operator

* Easy to affix to gate leaves up to 10m in length, ideal solution to apply to large gate in residential or apartment block
* Mechanical limit switch, the opening angle adjusted inside the cover of motor
* In case of power failure, the gate can be opened and closed manually by release clutch
* Soft start and stop, ensuring safety and reliability.
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Product Details

    The Art.1021.104 is perfectly suitable for large gate in residential or apartment block.Thanks to the mechanical limit switch, the opening angle is adjustable inside the cover of motor. Soft start and stop function are available to ensure safety and reliability.



1: The door machine is installed on the side away from the hinge of the door, and the driving force acts directly on the closing direction of the door, which is labor-saving and efficient; as long as the door that can be pushed by a single person can work reliably;

 2: When the local surface is not flat, it can automatically lift and lower, adapt to the slightly undulating road surface (adaptation is 0-90mm) without embedding the track; (specially when the height is ordered, the adaptability is 300 mm);

 3: The door can be opened to any angle without being restricted by the door itself (>180°);

 4: The automatic locking mechanism of the door machine is a newly developed patented technology of the company. It realizes the integration of driving and locking functions. It is safe, reliable, anti-theft, and does not need to be additionally locked. After the door is locked in place, it cannot be lifted or lifted. ;

 5: In case of power failure, use a special key to easily convert to manual operation. (It can also be switched to standby power or solar power) (optional);

 6: Without the influence of the door post and the original structure, any new and old doors can be easily installed without destroying the original door body and the door column structure;

 7: wireless remote control or manual control;

 8: It can be used for three days after power failure (by opening 30 times a day) (optional);

 9: When the door is running, people or cars can stop automatically to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cars; (smart type with resistance rebound function)

 Technical parameters:



Gate width/leaf (m)


Gate weight/leaf (kg)


Power supply(V)

120/230   AC

Motor power(W)

24VDC/   40



Max cycles/hour




Protection (IP)


Environment temperature ()