Residential DC Swing Gate Operator

* Ideal for swing gates of different sizes: 2 to 5 m in length per leaf.
* Quick, easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls or fences.
* Strong motorised driving screw, guarantee steady operation
* Mechanical limit switch, the opening angle adjusted inside the cover of motor
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Product Details


1. Single and double open selection: through the remote control or control panel operation, single or double fans can be opened and closed at the same time;

2. Automatic stop when the obstacle is encountered: pedestrians, vehicles or obstacles are encountered during operation, which can be automatically stopped to ensure safety. The amount of resistance is set in the controller;

3. Infrared protection: through the external infrared detector, there are pedestrians or vehicles passing through the operation, that is, automatically stop and return;

4. Open and close the door sequence: adapt to the fully enclosed door that has the gate of the yin and yang.

5. Automatically close the door: After opening the door, automatically close the door within the set time (optional function);

6. Soft start and soft stop function: slow start and slow stop, stable operation, no inertia, the door runs more smoothly and smoothly, and the motor life is longer.