Aluminum Automatic Extension Gate

Aluminum Automatic Extension Gate

Aluminum Automatic Extension Gate is motorized, remote control, anti bumping design, surface powder coated.



1. One-Piece-Bended Frames

2. Aerodynamic Design, Ensure High Wind Resistant

3. Trackless Operation - Avoid Heavy Vehicles Damaging The Rails

4. Made Of High-Grade 6063-T5 Aluminium Alloy

5. CE Certified

6. Multi-language LED Display Screen

7. Maintenance Freindly

8. Installation Friendly

9. Wireless Remote Control 

10. Intelligent Self-Align (ISA) Motor

11. Smart Power Outage Clutch

12. Anti-Collision IR Sensors

13. Anti-Climb Photo Cells

14. Come with 434MHz Wireless Remote Control

The Scientific Design

* Flexible sliding partThe cross connection structure of gate use slide rod ( solid pattern) to connect to each other, increase  smoothness of the movement and ensure the gate is operate in straight line.

* Durable Tower Wheels. 

  The running wheels show no apparent wear and tear after 300,000-time swing test over 10m distance.

* Strong wind resistance

  This gate is design with wind resistance, ensure gates operate under wind condition.


* Reflective Sticker

  Warning the driver slow down , avoided the accident.

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