Cold Room Sliding Door

Cold Room Sliding Door

COLD STORAGE DOOR The primary challenge for dry, refrigerated and frozen food distributors is control — controlling the environment, controlling traffic, and controlling costs. With these concerns in mind, our company introduce this door for all kinds of high and low temperature cold storage,...


Cold room sliding door, also called cold storage door, or refrigeration door. 
Used in all kinds of cold storage, cold room and Constant-temperature workshop. It offers excellent thermal insulation and seal in areas with big temperature difference higher than 50ºC and humidity of 90%.



1. Door panel: Polyurethane sandwich panel, forged at one time with high-pressure Foaming machine, with better thermal insulation than traditional panel. 

Various thickness available:75mm,100mm,150mm,200mm

2. Design: Single or Double leaf design available

3. Operation: Manual or Motorized types available. Below pictures show automatic type cold room door. 

4. Good seal: EPDM seal rubber is installed between door leafs and between door leaf and wall. It is of good resistance of cold, chemical and aging.

5. Guide rail: modified-line design. When closing, door leaf will get down and touch the ground. At the same time, it will get closer with the wall to close the gaps.

6. High safety:  The door can be easily opened from inside by pulling emergency safety ring in emergency situation

Optional chart:

Door type :DoubleSingle
Driving choice :AutomaticManual
Door panel thickness:75mm, 100mm, 150mm,200mm

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