Corner Sliding Door

Art.No 1076.201 Corner sliding door The corner sliding door 1076.201 can be fully opened in a straight line. It not only looks beautiful in appearance, but also wear-resistant, easy to clean and low noise. The intelligent system makes its running performance stable and reliable. In addition, its sealing performance is very good. It can be applied to some unique occasions according to special needs.

Art.No 1076.201 Corner sliding door


1. Multiple leaf, max length is 50m,

2. Opening method: radar, access control, card reader, remote control.

3.Safety device: infrared photocell, emergency stop button, safety edge.

4.When it stops, it will stay close to the wall. When it is used, it will automatically open, and the corner will be rotated 90 degrees from the wall to open.

Technical data:




2890*10500mm,14wings apart


2 sets

Control system

2 sets

Drive track

12 m

Foundation steel beam

22 m

Load-bearing track system

22 m

Load-bearing curved track system

4 m

Track installation accessories

6 m

Ground rail (double track grade curved track customized)

22 m

Heavy duty hanging wheel

14 sets

Floor guide wheel

14 sets

Door leaf (special profile, white aluminum plate decoration)


Packing (steam-free wooden box packaging)

2 carton

Max door height


Single door max weight

150 kg

Corner 2

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