Solid Wooden Garage Door

Solid Wooden Garage Door

Sectional garage doors are made of several large horizontal panels hinged together. that slide along tracks as the door opens and closes, and lay parallel with the ceiling overhead. China Safedoor’s solid wood Sectional Garage Doors are elegant, sophisticated and modern in design that is suited for residential and commercial settings. Beyond the colour, finish and material you can choose, a wide range of window styles can be added to the mix so it matches your needs and your house or building appearance.

Solid wood garage door


1.elegant appearance :The surface with the natural veins, elegant white painting assorts with verious environmental color, make inner ray of garage be bright and tendernes. space:only a very small part of the bottom panel of our door will hang down when the door is fullly open. 

3. Simple Assembly: The first door can be assembled using only one tool. 

Installation specifications(mm):

Lifting type

Entrance clear width

Entrance clear height

Top lintel clearance height

Left or right border width

Accessible depth

Standard lift






Low clearance height lift


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