Medical Air-tight Sliding Door

Medical Air-tight Sliding Door

Medical Air-tight automatic door/ Hospital operating room door 1071.203 Different from ordinary doors, medical doors are always used in hospitals and clinics with high security requirements. As one kind of medical door, this air-tight door is especially suitable for operating rooms. Owing to the sealed and pressurized design of door body, the circulation of internal and external environment can be effectively isolated.


*Power beam hanging design, easy to install and maintain

*Built-in crash belt, smooth and straight surface

*Double layer insulating glass for windows, smooth appearance of door leaf, convenient for cleaning and maintenance

*Automatic door sinking design, maximum sinking distance 15mm, stronger air tightness

*The door body is designed to be sealed and pressurized, 10 mm inward in a closed state, which can effectively isolate the circulation of internal and external environment

*Unique slide rail linkage, effectively reduces the mechanical noise and makes it silent when operating

Technical parameters:

Door width

Passage width+80

Door height

Passage height+20

Door thickness


Door weight


Power supply

AC220V ±10% 50-60Hz

Hold-opening time

2-20s (adjustable)

Opening speed


Closing speed


Manual thrust


Tight closing force


Power consumption


Working temperature




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