Aluminum Roller Shutter

Aluminum Roller Shutter

*Robust, hard wearing, reliable and cost effective
*Unique seal reduces dirt and other foreign bodies entering the area, protecting property and enhance life safety


This product is a new metal industrial door that combines heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance and environmental protection. The opening speed is up to 2.0 meters per second, which is suitable for logistics channels that need to be opened frequently. The door panel is made of 1.2-1.5mm thick double-layer heat-insulated bridge aluminum composite panel. The middle is made of polyurethane material flame-retardant and heat-insulated. The total thickness of the door panel is 22-40mm. The cross-section design is a broken bridge thermal insulation structure, which has the characteristics of good heat preservation, light weight, high strength and impact resistance, and the wind resistance grade is 8-10. This door type is suitable for fast lanes for indoor and outdoor logistics and production. The use of this type of door can save a lot of energy loss due to air circulation, and save energy by about 80% compared with ordinary industrial sliding doors and rolling doors. The rapid opening and closing of the door type has greatly improved the operation speed of production and logistics. The door is the necessary passage for enterprise logistics and production. Its use and selection directly affect the efficiency of production and logistics. This product has high reliability, practicability, easy operation and quick repair. The drive control adopts stable, energy-saving and accurate frequency conversion and imported circuit board system to ensure the reliable operation of the door body, ensuring trouble-free operation up to 150,000 times per year.

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