Electric Steel Windproof Rolling Door

Electric Steel Windproof Rolling Door

This windproof rolling door was designed for continuous high speed operation, it is suitable for fast passage of logistics and production. The rapid adoption of this type door has greatly increased the speed of transshipment of production. The door can be used in outdoor applications where wind resistance is required. And specifically for high traffic, heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications.

1055.113  Electric steel windproof rolling door


1. No noise, no friction.

2. High speed, trouble free operation cycles.

3. Effective security and cut down on time.

4. Anti-collision and self-recovery, reliable and effective.

5. Steady operation, heat insulation, wind resistant, dust-proof, moisture-proof,  suitable auto industry, food, electric, real estate, fire control doors.  





Technical data


Door sheet:High-strength hot-dip galvanized alloy steel plate with high-quality paint on the surface

(Customized: silver graysize 120mm×1.2mm

TrackHot-dip galvanized steel sheet is pressed into windproof type, size 150mm×1.4mm


Hardware Parts

Drive shaft: φ219 welded pipe




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