Extruded Aluminum Roller Shutter Door Slat

Extruded Aluminum Roller Shutter Door Slat

Perfectly suitable for businesses or services needing full-view security, unrestricted ventilation and out-of-site roll-up convenience, such as malls, storefronts, service counters, display cases, office windows, shopping centers and other public access areas
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1. Anti-pushing device prevents the door from being shaken by force means and is safe and burglarproof.

2. (Optional) The humanized design of the automatic rebound of the obstacle prevents the collision of the vehicle object when the door body falls, so that the person or the vehicle passes smoothly. The door is sturdy and can be equipped with (optional automatic alarm device) and anti-pushing device to prevent the door from being forced by force, continuous alarm and security.

3. According to the different characteristics of the building, you can choose three different installation methods: interior, exterior and middle. After opening, the roller blind is wound up on the upper part of the door, saving the interior space of the garage and not mixing dirt, rain and snow. Brought into the garage, the appearance is beautiful and stylish.