Garage Roll Door Shutter Slat

Garage Roll Door Shutter Slat

*All aluminum, or plastic components for oxidation resistance.
*Extruded aluminum slat profiles.
*Simple manual operators: Crank, spring assist.
*Push button electrical motor operators.


1 Sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance, high strength, high toughness, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy double (single) layer curtain, anti-strike, anti-scratch, block malicious invasion outside the door, safety protection is more effective. The surface adopts electrostatic powder coating process, which has strong weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-rain water, anti-corrosion and long service life.

2. Personalized design, which can produce and supply products according to the size of the actual installed door. And the curtain has a variety of color choices, the most common colors are mainly white, gray and ivory.

3. Applicable installation controls, the rolling door is suitable for any installation opening, the rolling door is wound up above the installation opening, only occupying the upper height space

4. Satisfactory silent operation

5. Install anti-smashing device with good anti-theft performance

6. Advanced opening method, manual, electric, remote control, etc.

7. Lightweight, reliable balance system, powerful drive, well-made guide rails and flexible rollers make the door movement light and flexible

*All aluminum, or plastic components for oxidation resistance.<br />

*Extruded aluminum slat profiles.<br />

*Simple manual operators: Crank, spring assist.<br />

*Push button electrical motor operators.<br />

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