Residential Aluminum Roller Shutter

Residential Aluminum Roller Shutter

*Robust, hard wearing, reliable and cost effective
*Requires a low level of maintenance and is easily cleaned
*A range of colours and types available
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Product Details


1.This product combines protective functions and decorative functions, and is an effective replacement for traditional protective nets. It can be opened, and the opening method is flexible. There are manual, electric and remote control. When the roller shutter window is opened, you no longer have the "visual" "contamination" and "cage" suppression. European-style roller shutter window profile is made of aluminum alloy paint (or steel galvanized paint color coated plate), which can be filled with environmentally-friendly polyurethane foam material. It is durable, beautiful and fashionable. It is the most popular building decoration material in the world.

2.It has the advantages of safe insulation, noise insulation, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, anti-mite, sun protection, sand-proof, anti-peeping, anti-climbing, easy to escape, not easy to oxidize, simple and generous, good invisible vision and bright colors.

3.Suitable for families, offices, shops, villas.

4.A variety of driving methods: remote control, electric switch drive, rocker drive.