Transparent Roller Shutter

Transparent Roller Shutter

Roller blinds are widely used in commercial plazas, high-end shopping malls, shopping malls and shops because of their high transparency, strong impact resistance and UV protection.


1. The material of this transparent rolling shutter is made of high-definition transparent and non-breakable plastic polymer PC. All the PC pieces are connected by stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes or plastic tubes according to customer's needs and requirements. 

2. With high quality PC material and solid connection structure, this transparent rolling shutter is strong and durable. Tight wafers and excellent  sealing performance. It has been approved by experiments and tests, and has high anti-collision performance. The impact resistance is 250 times that of ordinary glass. 

3.This rolling shutter is clear, with a visibility of more than 80%. The transparent PC film has a stylish and beautiful effect, creating a high-end, elegant business model. With a 24-hour advertising effect.

4.Heat insulation and energy saving. The heat insulation effect of the wafer is 10 times better than that of the glass; it can also maintain room temperature and save energy.

5.The product is suitable for: shops, specialty stores, banks, villa balconies and other shops, commercial plazas, high-end shopping malls, companies, brand clothing stores, subways, various brand stores.

6.The polycarbonate material used in the manufacture of the new crystal door contains anti-UV elements, which can greatly reduce the destructive power of the ultraviolet rays, prevent the interior decoration and exhibits from aging and yellowing due to the illumination.Tansparent rolling door

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