Auto- Swing Window Opener

Auto- Swing Window Opener

The Art.No 2011.104 looks beautiful, simple, and easy to operate and install. It adopts anticorrosive technology for long time corrosion resistance. Its sturdy chain is not easy to break the rotating bracket, and the electronic protection makes the windows closed very tightly.

Art.No 2011.104  

Automatic swing window opener

The swing window opener 2011.104 is simple and easy to install on all existing windows. Connected by wind or rain detector, the window can be opened for ventilation and closed for bad weather.



● Appearance is beautiful and easy, don't affect the architectural esthetics of

existing windows.

● The stroke can be adjusted, with the maximum opening of 90 degrees.

●  All accessories are made of 304 stainless steel.

●  Tested by half millions of opening and closing cycles.

●  Suitable for inward- swing window, outer-swing window, hanging window and small size door.


Technical data:


Automatic Swing Window opener

Technical parameter

Pushing/Pulling force(N)


Max load (kg)


Temperature environment(℃)


Opening speed

3-6s (90 degree)

Maximum operating current(A)


Levels of protection(IP)


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