Fingerprint Smart Lock For Swing Frame Glass Door

Fingerprint Smart Lock For Swing Frame Glass Door

This fingerprint smart lock is suitable for framed swing glass doors. It is reliable, high efficiency and energy saving. It has the advanced technology, convenient operation and easy management. This multifunctional intelligent door lock uses full-range voice navigation to quickly upgrade traditional access control system. The product adopts fingerprints, smart card, password as the door key, which can be used widely for the modern building office.
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Product Details

Art. 3023.101SW-FR

Fingerprint Smart Lock for swing frame glass door



1.Supports fingerprints, smart card, password as the door key.

2.With doorbell function.

3. Low battery voltage alarm, support emergency power connection.

4. Support right open and left open.

5. Support the combination lock, double confirm more secure.

6. Virtual password function, support 20 digits.

7. Chinese and English available.

8. For various framed doors with floor hinge, the lock body can be installed separately.

9. Full voice navigation when unlocking and locking

10.The garbled code can be input before the valid password to avoid peeping


Technical Parameters



Product material

Zinc alloy +304 stainless steel + ABS

Quiescent current


User quantity

10pcs masters,190pcs users.

Fingerprint, cards and passwords, total 200pcs

Power supply

4.5V-6.5V (4PCS AA battery)

Working current


Relative humidity


Ambient temperature


Password digits

6 digits

False rejection rate


False recognition rate


Protection function


Automatic identification function


Emergency power supply

Yes (9V battery)

System locking function

Five consecutive validation error, system lock in 2 minutes

Low voltage alarm

Below 5V voltage, prompt will be issued

Door open way

Fingerprint, card, password

Fingerprint sensor





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