Acceptance criteria for automatic doors

Date:Aug 21, 2020

Acceptance criteria for automatic doors


Judging the quality of a manufacturer’s automatic door and automatic revolving door does not simply refer to the quality of the door itself, but also depends on the quality of the installation and use of the automatic door. The installation and correct use of the automatic door are all relevant to the quality of its use. Certainly, only the automatic door of good material and complete installation can become the automatic door of good quality. Let's take a look at this knowledge.


At present, the material structure of automatic doors is made of aluminum alloy. Of course, there are many other materials that can also be used to make automatic doors. So far, aluminum alloy is the most reasonable material. Oulankaidun's automatic doors are also made of aluminum alloy. The quality of the selected parts and accessory materials in the automatic door is also very important, and when these materials are used, they must be treated with rust and corrosion prevention. At the same time, pay attention to the material of the accessories and the material of the door. The phenomenon of corrosion, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the automatic door, and also affect its quality.

The automatic door is very important when it is installed, which is the key to guarantee the quality of the automatic door. The quality of the installation affects the overall function of the automatic door, so the installation of the automatic door must be fully technically prepared, strengthen quality management, check the quality of the parts used, and be constructed by trained technical workers with technical guidance and quality Supervisors participate.

After installation, the decorative surface of the automatic door should not have obvious damages and defects that affect performance. The local abrasions and scratches of each door should meet the requirements of the corresponding standards or relevant standards. There should be no obvious stained surfaces on adjacent doors. Color difference, there should be no metal chips, burrs, corrosion marks and other stains on the door surface to meet the quality requirements.

After installation, the various operating indicators of the automatic door should meet the requirements, including the smoothness of the door body, the sensing area of the motion sensor, the sensitivity of the anti-pinch sensor and some safety measures. These should be carried out by a qualified party. Acceptance, the gate can be put into use only after passing the acceptance.

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