Advantages of stainless steel automatic doors

Date:Sep 22, 2020

Advantages of stainless steel automatic doors:

1. Beautiful and beautiful: The stainless steel automatic door is made of high-quality stainless steel and matched with glass. The overall shape is exquisite and atmospheric, simple and classic. It can add color to the entire building. It is the most suitable choice for luxury hotels and buildings.

2. Durable: The main material of stainless steel automatic door is stainless steel and glass. These two materials are beautiful and durable. The stainless steel is bright and not easy to rust. The glass is crystal clear and has good lighting performance.

3. Easy to use: The stainless steel automatic door can be opened and closed automatically, which is very convenient to use. The opening and running speed of the door are controlled by the microcomputer control system, so it is very convenient to use, reliable and quiet in operation, and can be used manually when the power is cut off due to accidental reasons, which is light, flexible and safe.

4. Safe and reliable: The control circuit contact adopts photoelectric coupling to remove the physical electrical contact that is easy to cause failure, so that the service life is prolonged and the operation is stable. The best switch action can be adjusted according to the shape of the door leaf and the site. Even in the fast reverse operation, there is the best brake control to prevent people from being caught and ensure the safety of people and objects.

5. Stable operation: The stainless steel automatic door has strong environmental adaptability and high traffic efficiency. The operating speed can be adjusted after running according to the set program. When there is no one or a disabled person, the speed can be changed at any time. When the start, operation and stop of the revolving door are at the optimal increase, the automatic revolving door can automatically compensate, and the environment adaptability is strong.

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