Automatic door Basic Maintenance Tips

- Sep 11, 2018-

The automatic doors installed at the entrance of the building can be selected according to the requirements of different control methods. For example, there are induction, fingerprint control, there are card control test, etc., they are collectively referred to as automatic door. Now to everyone in the usual automatic door basic maintenance of some strokes, let the automatic door better serve you.

Automatic door basic maintenance tips are as follows: In the automatic door mechanical transmission part, to play gear oil.

Automatic door dust more places to clean, re-put the lubricant to play well.

Stainless steel casing do not use corrosive cleaning agent clean, otherwise prone to rust point, the impact of automatic door aesthetics. In the process of use, if you find that the door of the automatic door does not move, and there is a hum, please turn off the automatic door power.

Check the automatic door immediately to see if there is any foreign material stuck, and then restore power after troubleshooting. If the door of the automatic door always appears constantly open, close, immediately turn off the power, timely check the automatic door sensor and related circuit, and timely replacement of the damaged original device.

To avoid damage to motor motors, resulting in greater losses.

If the automatic door has some of the glass broken spit of the case, please turn off the power, so as not to cause the weight inequality caused by the motor motor damage.

Do not use the automatic door for a long time, please cut off the power. If the glass and fittings of the automatic door are found to have a loose-release image, repair is carried out immediately.