Automatic door failure emergency maintenance method.

Date:Nov 13, 2018

1. What should the automatic door know?

 1) The automatic door rail and the hanging wheel cannot be oiled; otherwise, the roller on the hanger has a sliding phenomenon, causing the door to collide.

 2) Turn off the power when it is not used for a long time.

 3) If an abnormality occurs, please do not disassemble it. Please contact a professional.


 2, the automatic door keeps going from self-closing, the possible reasons:

 1) The radar sensor is out of order.

 2) There are moving objects in the sensing range.

 3) The door switch hits an obstacle.


3. The door leaf is shaken when the automatic door is running. Possible causes:

 1) There are obstacles or wear on the underground rail or the swaying device.

 2) Wear or obstruction of moving slings and tracks.


4. When the automatic door leaf switch is turned on, it will jump, and the possible causes are:

 1) Foreign objects are stuck in the upper track and the lower track.

 2) The wheel of the upper hanging wheel is embedded with foreign matter.


5. When the door leaf is switched, the automatic door speed is too slow, which may occur:

 1) Controller speed adjustment is too slow.

 2) The belt may be too loose.

 3) The voltage is abnormal.

 4) The movable door leaf may rub against the guide rail or with the fixed door leaf or with the floor.

 5) The stop wheel rubs against the track.

6. Collision occurs when the door is closed. Possible causes:

 1) The speed is too fast.

 2) The voltage is abnormal.

 3) Motor power generation accessories may be damaged.


7, the automatic door leaf can not be opened, the possible reasons:

 1) If the sensor is faulty, check if the sensor's sensor signal is normal.

 2) Wire connector loose rubber.

 3) The belt is detached.

 4) The motor may overheat and return to normal after cooling.

 5) The controller burns out.

 6) Foreign matter is stuck.

 7) The voltage is abnormal.


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